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Understanding Logistics And Deliveries

The logistics and delivery industry can be excessively complicated for the people who are not familiar with the workings and operations within this courier industry. I seek to share and break down the workings within this industry for you in this post.

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There are basically 3 types of deliveries in Singapore.

The first of which would be the very simple to understand postal services. Postal services in Singapore are carried out only by SingPost and it is very easy to use their services. If you do not already know this, all you need to do is to affix a stamp to the top right hand corner of the envelope that encloses your letter or documents (please make sure to estimate the weight of the letter/document properly and put the right amount of stamps). You then go to the local SingPost branch and pass it to them over the counter for delivery or you can simply drop it into the mail boxes all around Singapore.

The second type of deliveries would be courier deliveries ( One of the most commonly used deliveries in Singapore, courier deliveries are basically delivery services in Singapore with full pick up services. Essentially, after you send an input into their website or give them a call, these courier companies like PCA Masters and Roadmasters or Regent will quickly dispatch a rider or car / van driver to pick up the item from you. In a way, these are considered like a concierge level of service in the delivery world in Singapore.

The third type of logistics in Singapore would be warehousing. This is only applicable to businesses most of the times. There are many businesses with offices in the Central Business District in Singapore, but they do not have a warehouse. Buying a large plot of land and building a warehouse for storage in Singapore is extremely cost inefficient. Therefore, warehousing companies will provide such storage services for these type of businesses who require storage space, but which main business services is something else other than storage services.

Finding Courier Jobs In Singapore

There are many people in Singapore who are starting to love the idea of becoming a freelancer instead of a typical office job. Freelancers can range from web designers all the way to couriers. Basically, freelancers can be found in virtually every industry now. But in our case, let us talk about finding courier jobs in Singapore.

Most people don’t know where to look for courier jobs other than through some job portal in Singapore or just apply to SingPost. However, it can actually be difficult to capture the attention of the hiring manager if you were to apply through the job portal. This is because too many people will browse through these job portals and apply for the same courier job that you’re applying for too. This means that it is likely that your resume or application will be chucked together with the rest and not be noticed.

Instead, if you truly want to find a courier job, check out the courier company’s website and give them a call. You can either do this or give them a direct email through their website and specify the reasons why you want that job. Another pet peeve of courier companies in Singapore is that people who submit courier job applications don’t even bother putting in the effort. They simply send messages like, “You have job opening? How much and when?” First of all, that shows that you do not even bother to introduce yourself and read their website. Most courier job application pages in Singapore would definitely have some description of the work and expected working hours e.t.c. Therefore, read through it and then apply for it while referencing what you’ve read. This shows that you put in effort into your job search and this will definitely help you to stand out among the pool of generic applicants.

Advancement of Singapore van delivery services

The van delivery industry in Singapore is a big industry. Think about it – most businesses need some sort of logistical help from time to time. This includes the moving of office and delivery of parcels to external parties. Individuals like you and I may also approach delivery companies from time to time to ask them to help us move some shopping goods home or to deliver a parcel to a friend urgently. With this huge demand, there are many companies providing van delivery service in Singapore.

Competition is good for the consumers as it will ensure that the service quality will be improved over time. If businesses don’t innovate and improve, they may be taken over or lose out to other competitors.

The quality of Singapore van delivery service has improved greatly since the 1990s. Back then, van delivery services by logistics companies require manual and slow input from the consumers. Consumers have to head down to designated letter and parcel drop-off points of the delivery companies to drop their items. There were no tracking options available for consumers to track the status of their parcels. Moreover, the delivery companies’ websites were basic and did not provide full details. Hence, consumers had to call or go down to the offices to ask for more details such as the delivery rates.

Nowadays, consumers can easily check out delivery details on the delivery companies’ revamped websites. Moreover, you can request for a delivery through the delivery companies’ websites and mobile application. Basically, you can request for delivery services easily within 5 minutes anywhere you are. The delivery can be confirmed seconds after you submit the delivery request. Speed of the customer service has notably improved for local van delivery services.There is also tracking option available now. In addition, the consumers even have the option of asking couriers to collect the items at the consumers’ designated collection point. It has really brought a lot of convenience for the consumers over the years.

Finding the best courier company in Singapore

Everyone wants the best for themselves. In business, we are always looking for opportunities and good deals. If you are looking around for a logistics provider, you probably want to work with the best courier company in Singapore. First, let me define the criteria to judge the best courier company in Singapore.

In my opinion, the best courier company in Singapore needs to fulfill 3 criteria – offering top quality service, giving best value pricing to customers, and being an ethical company. Top quality service includes the delivery service and customer support service. The customers must feel at ease at all times knowing that all deliveries will be handled promptly by the courier company. In the long run, the customers may feel dependent on the courier company. This is a mark of a courier company offering great services. Moreover, the courier company needs to give the best value pricing to customers. Its pricing may not be the cheapest in the market. However, considering the service quality and the terms included in its service packages, its pricing must seem to be the best priced in terms of value. Lastly, I will expect the courier and delivery company to be ethical. It needs to be fully honest to its customers. Any distrust between the vendors and the customers will be bad for their relationships.

Now that we have established the criteria to judge the best courier company in Singapore, let me explain how to go about finding the best courier company in Singapore.

The first step is to gather a list of courier companies and their stated delivery terms and pricing. You can achieve this either via online research or calling them up directly. After you have developed the list, you will easily be able to find out which courier company provides the best value pricing. This will fulfill criteria 2 as mentioned above. Next, you can engage the courier companies’ services for small deliveries to test out their delivery service quality. If you have any doubts at any point of time, you can call the customer support to seek clarifications too. This will let you judge the courier companies based on criteria 1. Throughout the whole time interacting with them, you will be able to judge them on criteria 3 as well. It will take some time for you to find out the bet courier company in Singapore. When you have found it, I recommend you to stick to it for the long term.

ecommerce delivery

Courier Services For Singapore E-Commerce Businesses

There are increasingly more E-commerce businesses in Singapore, and it looks like the trend will only increase over time. As the new year 2016 ushers in, you might want to start an E-commerce business or grow your current one – and you would require courier delivery services in Singapore to your many customers across Singapore. However, doing this in house can be very time consuming (if you do it yourself), or expensive if you hire a deliveryman (because leasing of the car is expensive too).

Therefore, most starting and rapidly growing E-commerce businesses in the region and Singapore prefer outsourcing their deliveries to a courier company in Singapore like PCA masters. That is the cheaper, and more business savvy way. Because you only pay for the exact volume of deliveries you need, you will never over pay for your deliveries – this is in direct contrast to hiring a deliveryman where you have to pay them even if the volume of deliveries fluctuate. Additionally, you never have worry about employee related issues because you’re dealing with a courier company which will work with their couriers internally. All you need to do is to liaise with the respective manager of the courier company.

Usually, for E-commerce businesses which require the courier(s) to pick up from a fixed office location and distribute it many different places around Singapore for the delivery, the courier company may ask you to collate the orders and pick it up once every few days. However, if you have a very high volume of deliveries or offer immediate deliveries, then the courier would pick it up from your office at higher frequency levels e.g. daily. All these can also be negotiated with the courier company. Therefore, I really feel that courier companies in Singapore really make the job easier for E-commerce business owners, because these business owners no longer need to worry about excessive employee benefits, CPF contributions, leaves, MCs, and any issues with their deliveryman. Now, all these issues can be dealt with by the courier company instead… additionally, it is also cheaper to engage courier services! How great is that?

Answering Singapore Courier FAQs

As I have encouraged readers in my first post to share their insights with us regarding the Singapore courier and logistics industry, I’m very glad to announce that we have had 3 readers who sent in really insightful details to our email at (Yes we encourage you to write in to us to keep this blog vibrant and useful for readers in Singapore)

Here are some of their insights and/or questions and our responses to them.

First of all, we have a question by Mr Richard Lee (consumer): How do I know if a courier company will be dependable and reliable?

CrewTide‘s Reply: This is a very valid concern and one of the most common questions asked by people who have never successfully engaged a good courier company in Singapore before. People are worried that their goods or documents never gets delivered to the correct location or gets damaged along the way. We would recommend always calling or emailing the courier company. What we’ve found using big data is that courier companies which reply to their customers promptly and quickly are generally more reliable than companies which don’t. We recommend you to email as well as call them. This is because most companies may reply their phone calls immediately but ignore their emails completely – this is complete proof of a company which does not even bother to keep updated with the times (e.g. using emails). If their responses are always prompt and professional, you can rest assured that this is a local courier company that has dependability built into its own culture. One such company would be PCA Masters (Address: #06-76 Midview City, 22 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 573969 Tel: 6681 5781).

Second question is by Ms Lim of Yes! Eye Optical Pte Ltd: What is the best way to get good prices for my business if I need constant deliveries?

CrewTide’s Reply: Most courier businesses in Singapore provide different rates to customers with different demands for volume. Generally speaking, the greater the volume of deliveries per month, the greater the amount of discounts provided by the courier company. You should check with the courier company for such high volume deliveries first. This is because the company with the cheapest prices for normal deliveries may or may not be the cheapest and best courier choice for high volume deliveries. Make sure to always know approximately how many deliveries you would require per month and then negotiate with the courier companies that amount.

Third and final question for the day is by an anonymous reader: I have an E-commerce business in Singapore. I make between $10,000 to $12,000 per month. Should I outsource my deliveries or should I hire a deliveryman in house?

CrewTide’s Reply: The big question is, is $10,000 to $12,000 month profits or revenue? If it’s revenue, how much of that is profits assuming you did not use the cash flow to re-invest in other things? If you have at least $10,000 per month profits, and that you have more than 450 deliveries needed to be done per month, I would suggest to you to look for a deliveryman in house. If you have fewer than 1,000 deliveries per month, don’t bother looking for a deliveryman to hire. Instead, engage a courier company in Singapore. If you have 200 deliveries per month, with a good courier company, you can get prices at only around $6 per delivery. That means your total cost for deliveries of your E-commerce products would only cost $1,200 per month. However, if you were to hire an in house deliveryman, his salary would like be around $1,600, and if you include his or her CPF payments, it would add up to around $2,000. This is not even inclusive of vehicle leasing costs and petrol costs. That might add up to a total of well over $3,800! That’s a ridiculous cost to be paying when you can simply engage the services of a professional courier company in Singapore for only $1,200 and invest the remaining $2,600 you would have saved into marketing or other operations.

Hopefully I have answered your questions well and that you readers benefit from reading my blog. Thanks!

Urgent delivery services

There are urgent delivery services in Singapore. It is targeted at individuals and corporations wanting to have their items delivered urgently to their recipients, usually in about 1 to 2 hours. Of course, this is a niche market and is smaller than the normal delivery market which will have at least 50,000 deliveries islandwide in Singapore daily. In comparison, the urgent delivery market has an estimated volume of about 5,000 deliveries daily, which is about 10% of the volume of the normal delivery market. As these urgent deliveries command a higher premium and profit margin than the normal deliveries, there are quite a number of logistics companies in Singapore wanting a piece of the pie. Interestingly, there are two groups of logistics companies in Singapore offering urgent delivery services. Their value proposition is quite different from each other.

The first group is made up of just the state-owned SingPost. SingPost requires the sender to drop his items at one of SingPost’s branches before SingPost is able to process and execute the delivery. This demand more effort and participation from the sender but compensates for the lower service quality provided with a cheaper price tag. However, this may not be convenient and preferred by senders who are busy or lazy to go down to the branches.

The second group is made up of local courier companies such as PCA Masters, Road Master, and Gogovan. This group of logistics and courier companies provide a higher service level – sending the courier to the sender’s address to collect the items and then delivering them to the recipients straight away. Proof of delivery will be sent to the sender after delivery to notify them of the successful delivery. Of course, this higher service level of courier delivery require a higher payout. Usually, the senders will not mind paying a higher premium anyway due to their urgent need for a courier service. At those point in time, prompt and safe delivery is the top priority of senders.

Crew Tide – A Logistics Marketing Page

Welcome to Crew Tide. Crew Tide aims to establish itself as an influential logistics marketing page for Singaporeans. Here, we will publish posts specifically on the logistics and courier industry in Singapore. Readers are welcomed to share their own insights with the rest of us by commenting on the blog posts. Alternatively, you can also write in to us via and we may share your insights or articles with the rest of our audience here. We are not looking at just providing a one way communication by publishing our posts, but instead looking at building a multi interaction platform where the readers can also interact with us and other readers via our website.

Let this website be a place where people gathers, discusses and shares ideas on the logistics environment in Singapore.

To start off, I will discuss a few types of logistics and courier services in Singapore.

Firstly, there is the national mailing services which is dominated by SingPost. If you want to deliver a mail to another person’s mailbox by mail, you will have to engage SingPost on that. Simply go down to one of their mail dropboxes or branches to drop in your mail. Mails will usually be delivered to the recipients the next day.

Secondly, there is the courier delivery services which is open to competition. Though SingPost offers this service as well, there are a lot of other courier companies in Singapore such as PCA Masters Singapore offering a better service proposition. Courier delivery services refer to door to door delivery where the courier will go down to the sender’s location to collect the item, and then making the trip down to the recipient’s location to deliver the item to him/her personally. It usually requires the signature of the recipient to act as a delivery proof.

Thirdly, there is the international logistics and delivery services which is dominated by a few main players – FedEx, DHL, UPZ. These companies handle massive volumes of mails and parcels coming into and out of the country. If you want to deliver something overseas, chances are you will use one of their services.