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Welcome to Crew Tide. Crew Tide aims to establish itself as an influential logistics marketing page for Singaporeans. Here, we will publish posts specifically on the logistics and courier industry in Singapore. Readers are welcomed to share their own insights with the rest of us by commenting on the blog posts. Alternatively, you can also write in to us via and we may share your insights or articles with the rest of our audience here. We are not looking at just providing a one way communication by publishing our posts, but instead looking at building a multi interaction platform where the readers can also interact with us and other readers via our website.

Let this website be a place where people gathers, discusses and shares ideas on the logistics environment in Singapore.

To start off, I will discuss a few types of logistics and courier services in Singapore.

Firstly, there is the national mailing services which is dominated by SingPost. If you want to deliver a mail to another person’s mailbox by mail, you will have to engage SingPost on that. Simply go down to one of their mail dropboxes or branches to drop in your mail. Mails will usually be delivered to the recipients the next day.

Secondly, there is the courier delivery services which is open to competition. Though SingPost offers this service as well, there are a lot of other courier companies in Singapore such as PCA Masters Singapore offering a better service proposition. Courier delivery services refer to door to door delivery where the courier will go down to the sender’s location to collect the item, and then making the trip down to the recipient’s location to deliver the item to him/her personally. It usually requires the signature of the recipient to act as a delivery proof.

Thirdly, there is the international logistics and delivery services which is dominated by a few main players – FedEx, DHL, UPZ. These companies handle massive volumes of mails and parcels coming into and out of the country. If you want to deliver something overseas, chances are you will use one of their services.