Urgent delivery services

There are urgent delivery services in Singapore. It is targeted at individuals and corporations wanting to have their items delivered urgently to their recipients, usually in about 1 to 2 hours. Of course, this is a niche market and is smaller than the normal delivery market which will have at least 50,000 deliveries islandwide in Singapore daily. In comparison, the urgent delivery market has an estimated volume of about 5,000 deliveries daily, which is about 10% of the volume of the normal delivery market. As these urgent deliveries command a higher premium and profit margin than the normal deliveries, there are quite a number of logistics companies in Singapore wanting a piece of the pie. Interestingly, there are two groups of logistics companies in Singapore offering urgent delivery services. Their value proposition is quite different from each other.

The first group is made up of just the state-owned SingPost. SingPost requires the sender to drop his items at one of SingPost’s branches before SingPost is able to process and execute the delivery. This demand more effort and participation from the sender but compensates for the lower service quality provided with a cheaper price tag. However, this may not be convenient and preferred by senders who are busy or lazy to go down to the branches.

The second group is made up of local courier companies such as PCA Masters, Road Master, and Gogovan. This group of logistics and courier companies provide a higher service level – sending the courier to the sender’s address to collect the items and then delivering them to the recipients straight away. Proof of delivery will be sent to the sender after delivery to notify them of the successful delivery. Of course, this higher service level of courier delivery require a higher payout. Usually, the senders will not mind paying a higher premium anyway due to their urgent need for a courier service. At those point in time, prompt and safe delivery is the top priority of senders.