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Courier Services For Singapore E-Commerce Businesses

There are increasingly more E-commerce businesses in Singapore, and it looks like the trend will only increase over time. As the new year 2016 ushers in, you might want to start an E-commerce business or grow your current one – and you would require courier delivery services in Singapore to your many customers across Singapore. However, doing this in house can be very time consuming (if you do it yourself), or expensive if you hire a deliveryman (because leasing of the car is expensive too).

Therefore, most starting and rapidly growing E-commerce businesses in the region and Singapore prefer outsourcing their deliveries to a courier company in Singapore like PCA masters. That is the cheaper, and more business savvy way. Because you only pay for the exact volume of deliveries you need, you will never over pay for your deliveries – this is in direct contrast to hiring a deliveryman where you have to pay them even if the volume of deliveries fluctuate. Additionally, you never have worry about employee related issues because you’re dealing with a courier company which will work with their couriers internally. All you need to do is to liaise with the respective manager of the courier company.

Usually, for E-commerce businesses which require the courier(s) to pick up from a fixed office location and distribute it many different places around Singapore for the delivery, the courier company may ask you to collate the orders and pick it up once every few days. However, if you have a very high volume of deliveries or offer immediate deliveries, then the courier would pick it up from your office at higher frequency levels e.g. daily. All these can also be negotiated with the courier company. Therefore, I really feel that courier companies in Singapore really make the job easier for E-commerce business owners, because these business owners no longer need to worry about excessive employee benefits, CPF contributions, leaves, MCs, and any issues with their deliveryman. Now, all these issues can be dealt with by the courier company instead… additionally, it is also cheaper to engage courier services! How great is that?