Finding Courier Jobs In Singapore

There are many people in Singapore who are starting to love the idea of becoming a freelancer instead of a typical office job. Freelancers can range from web designers all the way to couriers. Basically, freelancers can be found in virtually every industry now. But in our case, let us talk about finding courier jobs in Singapore.

Most people don’t know where to look for courier jobs other than through some job portal in Singapore or just apply to SingPost. However, it can actually be difficult to capture the attention of the hiring manager if you were to apply through the job portal. This is because too many people will browse through these job portals and apply for the same courier job that you’re applying for too. This means that it is likely that your resume or application will be chucked together with the rest and not be noticed.

Instead, if you truly want to find a courier job, check out the courier company’s website and give them a call. You can either do this or give them a direct email through their website and specify the reasons why you want that job. Another pet peeve of courier companies in Singapore is that people who submit courier job applications don’t even bother putting in the effort. They simply send messages like, “You have job opening? How much and when?” First of all, that shows that you do not even bother to introduce yourself and read their website. Most courier job application pages in Singapore would definitely have some description of the work and expected working hours e.t.c. Therefore, read through it and then apply for it while referencing what you’ve read. This shows that you put in effort into your job search and this will definitely help you to stand out among the pool of generic applicants.