singapore logistics industry

Understanding Logistics And Deliveries

The logistics and delivery industry can be excessively complicated for the people who are not familiar with the workings and operations within this courier industry. I seek to share and break down the workings within this industry for you in this post.

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There are basically 3 types of deliveries in Singapore.

The first of which would be the very simple to understand postal services. Postal services in Singapore are carried out only by SingPost and it is very easy to use their services. If you do not already know this, all you need to do is to affix a stamp to the top right hand corner of the envelope that encloses your letter or documents (please make sure to estimate the weight of the letter/document properly and put the right amount of stamps). You then go to the local SingPost branch and pass it to them over the counter for delivery or you can simply drop it into the mail boxes all around Singapore.

The second type of deliveries would be courier deliveries ( One of the most commonly used deliveries in Singapore, courier deliveries are basically delivery services in Singapore with full pick up services. Essentially, after you send an input into their website or give them a call, these courier companies like PCA Masters and Roadmasters or Regent will quickly dispatch a rider or car / van driver to pick up the item from you. In a way, these are considered like a concierge level of service in the delivery world in Singapore.

The third type of logistics in Singapore would be warehousing. This is only applicable to businesses most of the times. There are many businesses with offices in the Central Business District in Singapore, but they do not have a warehouse. Buying a large plot of land and building a warehouse for storage in Singapore is extremely cost inefficient. Therefore, warehousing companies will provide such storage services for these type of businesses who require storage space, but which main business services is something else other than storage services.