In the medical marijuana market, CBD has been gaining popularity.  This is due to the fact that it carries all the medical benefits you want without the psychoactive effects that come from marijuana.  If you are looking at taking CBD for medical problems, you need to know about the different ways that you can take CBD.


CBD oil is one of the most common ways that people take CBD.  The oil can be extracted from the whole plant of a marijuana strain that is high in CBD.  When looking at CBD oil, it is important that you choose one that has not been extracted with the use of neurotoxic substances such as butane. 

CBD oil can be mixed with many different foods such as smoothies.  It is also possible to bake the oil into edibles.  It is important to note that medical marijuana dispensaries will often sell CBD edibles which have been made with CBD oils.  CBD oil is ideal for people who are looking for a discrete means of administering their CBD.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are generally less concentrated than oils and are alcohol or vegetable glycerin based extracts.  You will generally find CBD tinctures in dropper bottles and they come in a range of different concentrations.  It is possible to make tinctures at home, but it is recommended that you purchase them from a licensed dispensary. 

It is possible to take a tincture directly from the dropper into the mouth.  If this does not appeal to you, it is possible to add the tincture to food or drinks.  Much like CBD oil, CBD tinctures are ideal for people who are looking for a discrete way of administration and those who need to administer while they are outside of their homes.

CBD Topical Products

There are various forms of CBD topical products available from creams to salves, but all can be applied directly to the skin.  Topical CBD products are able to provide pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties directly to an affected area.  One of the benefits of topical products is that they are non-psychoactive regardless of the concentration of THC.  These products are ideal for people who suffer from conditions such as muscle aches and arthritis. 

CBD Vaporizing

Cannabis oils with high concentrations of CBD can be vaporized with the average vaporizer.  This method of administration allows for the effects of the medication to be felt quickly, but without the harmful side effects that come from smoking.  There are also some dedicated CBD vaporizer pens that you can purchase.

Vaporizing CBD is ideal for people who need to administer on the go.  It is possible to take a vaporizing pen with you anywhere and you can simply step outside to use the pen.  There are also some dry herb vaporizers which can be used with high CBD marijuana strains, but this does come with the risks of the psychoactive agents.  Disposable pens are also available for people who wish to try this method before committing to buy a vaporizer.